Warranty and Service

ChiptuneRS service and warranty
ChiptuneRS attaches great importance to delivering the best performance, whereby we constantly keep a close eye on reliability, safety and quality. Each vehicle’s engine has a specific load level and margin of safety. We carry out expert tests to ensure that the limits are never exceeded. This enables us to always offer you the best guarantees regarding our service and products.
Important advantages of chip tuning
In the first place it is of course important to know exactly what you achieve when you choose the ChiptuneRS service.
When you have your vehicle tuned with us, you can be sure that the emission standards are maintained and that the driving performance is greatly improved. You benefit from a higher driving comfort, more flexibility and more oomph due to the increase in power and torque.
In certain cases, a fuel saving of more than 5 percent is achieved.
What guarantees can you expect?
In the first place, we would like to offer you the opportunity to properly test the new performance of your vehicle. We offer you a money back guarantee for the duration of 10 days. You can also count on a software warranty of no less than 5 years.
You can find more information about exclusions for these specific ChiptuneRS warranties in our terms and conditions. Our guarantees apply on the basis of the Carry-in principle. This means that you are responsible for safe transport to and from our location.
Do you have our software re-installed by your dealer after a software update has been carried out?
Installation costs will then be charged for this. You can always inquire about this with us.
Additional engine warranty
If you want additional guarantees, ChiptuneRS offers motor warranty insurance from Multipart Warranty.
Multipart Warranty has been active in vehicle warranty insurance for over 25 years.
Kijk voor meer info op de pagina aanvullende-garantie of: www.multipart.nl. For more information, visit the additional warranty page or: www.multipart.nl.
ChiptuneRS service line
Contact in case of defects
ChiptuneRS always provides a tailor-made service and a tailor-made product, where high quality is guaranteed. Are you unexpectedly faced with a defect? Do not hesitate and contact us.
Call ChiptuneRS Netherlands via:
+31 0 246417598
The ChiptuneRS experts will analyze the problem with you and (in many cases immediately) solve it.
Additional guarantees with ChiptuneRS
You will always receive the aforementioned standard guarantees from ChiptuneRS. In addition, we offer you the option of taking out an additional warranty on the motor. For this we work together with the company Multipart Garantie, which has built up more than a quarter of a century of experience in the vehicle warranty insurance industry.
You can always obtain more information on the website of this party, Multipart.nl, or request information and advice from ChiptuneRS.
Advantages of chip tuning
A ChiptuneRS is a high-quality and durable product that has been developed by the engine management software specialists of ChiptuneRS. Custom modified software gives you the following benefits:
Better driving performance thanks to
Extra power and torque
More oomph, flexibility and driving comfort
Fuel savings up to more than 5%!
Emissions standards are maintained
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