What exactly is chip tuning?

By default, the values ​​of the parameters of the engine management software are not optimal. The engine management software can be affected or changed, with the focus being on retuning these parameters. We call this process chip tuning. When chip tuning, the values ​​of the parameters are thus optimized within the limit values ​​specified by the manufacturer of the respective vehicle. The amount of fuel that can be injected and the precise moment at which this happens are improved, so that chip tuning leads to an optimization of the performance.

What exactly does OBD chip tuning mean?

OBD is the abbreviation for On Board Diagnostics. OBD chip tuning is a way that is used to easily remove the software from the car. With the aid of a fault diagnosis plug, the data from the engine management is read, after which this data can be changed.

What advantages does OBD chip tuning offer in practice?

There are three important advantages of OBD chip tuning. Firstly, it is made impossible for authorized dealers to detect the changes through diagnostic systems. In addition, it is very easy to restore the motor driver to its original state. Finally, the software is easy and quick to install again, because there is no longer any need to solder in the ECU engine driver.

Is chip tuning possible with every car?

Chip tuning is possible with most cars that are equipped with engine management software and where the engine is controlled by an ECU, or an Electronic Control Unit.

For which engines is chip tuning the most profitable?

Vehicles equipped with an engine with a G-charger, compressor or turbo achieve the best results from chip tuning. This applies to both petrol and diesel engines.

To what extent is chip tuning visible?

Chip tuning cannot be seen on the electronics, so apparently nothing has changed. It is, of course, true that a dynamometer can measure the improved power. However, this never happens at the dealer, especially because a diagnostic device is used for this. This equipment is not able to detect the adjustments.

Can the engine not be damaged by chip tuning?

Yes and no. Yes, the engine can be damaged if the chip tuning is not carried out by an experienced professional. No, the engine cannot be damaged when we are responsible for chip tuning. We professionally ensure that the engine capacity is maximized, always staying within the values ​​indicated by the manufacturer. We prevent the software of the car from being overloaded by balancing it optimally. Of course we always carry out the necessary tests. The engine therefore does not require any additional maintenance and the life of the engine remains unchanged when you have chip tuning performed by CHIPTUNERS.

Is there no extra wear on the engine after chip tuning?

CHIPTUNERS regularly performs (endurance) tests. In no case have we been able to determine that the engine shows extra wear after chip tuning. A significant mechanical safety margin is achieved by the manufacturers of the motors and we always stay within the values ​​indicated by the respective manufacturers. In addition, the engine can be optimally loaded for long periods of time in daily traffic. This also ensures that no additional wear will occur.

Why is the software not optimized by car manufacturers?

Many people wonder why car manufacturers themselves do not directly ensure optimal performance by fine-tuning the software. This is mainly due to the fact that the cars are sold all over the world. In India there is an excellent quality of both fuels and motor oil. In addition, vehicles within India are regularly well maintained. Manufacturers have to take into account poor maintenance and a widely varying quality of fuel and engine oil. It is therefore not possible to optimize the software ex works. The good product quality and good maintenance in India ensures that the lifespan is preserved after chip tuning.

Does chip tuning affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

CHIPTUNERS.in provides professional chip tuning. This means that the optimization is not easy to trace during regular maintenance of the vehicle. The chip tuning is therefore not noticed in the vast majority of cases and so it is not at the expense of the manufacturer’s warranty in that case.

A software update has been performed, now what?

It happens that the software is updated during maintenance work on the car. In this case it is necessary to reapply the chip tuning software. You are of course always welcome at CHIPTUNERS.in. We charge installation costs for this.

Is it possible to take out a warranty with you?

You do not run any risk when you opt for chip tuning by CHIPTUNERS. However, we can imagine that you may want more certainty than our promise. That is why we offer insurance that is largely equivalent to the manufacturer’s warranty. Would you like to know more about this? Then you can of course find all the necessary information about this extra warranty on our website.

Does the brake system have to be replaced after chip tuning?

When you use your car for regular, everyday traffic, it is under no circumstances necessary to have the braking system of your car adjusted after chip tuning. The car brakes in the same way as before and there is no need to brake harder. However, it is advisable to have a professional braking system realized when you use the car for other purposes, including car races.

Is chip tuning a lease car allowed?

We regularly arrange for the professional chip tuning of lease cars. A large part of the lease companies grant permission for chip tuning of the car, but in most cases conditions are attached to it. Under no circumstances will your data be shared by CHIPTUNERS with third parties. We respect your privacy and treat your data confidentially. We will therefore not let your lease company know that we are going to chip tune or have chip tuneed the lease car. Of course it is always possible to undo the chip tuning of the lease car before returning it to the lease company.

So undoing chip tuning is possible?

Certainly! You are welcome at CHIPTUNERS.in to have the chip tuning reversed, for example when you have to return a lease car to the lease company. Of course, this also applies to vehicles that are your property. We can easily restore everything to the original factory settings, with which all adjustments due to chip tuning disappear.

Is the addition of a lease car increased after chip tuning?

The addition remains unchanged after chip tuning. Your car costs will therefore not increase if you have the car chip tuneed. You can even save money by opting for chip tuning. Lease cars with a lighter engine are cheaper each month than lease cars with heavier engines. You can opt for a model with a light engine, and thus benefit from the lower monthly load, after which you can optimize the engine performance by means of chip tuning. The chip tuning is a one-time expense.

Does the amount of the road tax change after chip tuning?

No, under no circumstances will you pay more road tax after chip tuning your car. The power of the car plays no role in determining the amount of the road tax. This is because the fiscal horsepower is used. The amount of the road tax therefore remains unchanged after chip tuning.

Does the car insurance premium change after chip tuning?

Insurance companies calculate their insurance premiums based on various factors. This includes the age of the driver and the age of the car, the make and model of the vehicle, the new price of the car and even the home address of the owner. However, the number of horsepower of a vehicle does not play a role in determining the amount of the insurance premium. In the vast majority of cases, chip tuning therefore has no negative influence on the level of the insurance premium.

Is there a waiting list for chip tuning a car?

No, there is no waiting list at CHIPTUNERS. If you want to have your car chip tuneed, please contact us to make an appointment. Our contact details can be found on the contact page of our website. In most cases you can contact us within 48 hours to have your car chip tuned. It is of course always possible to make an appointment for a later moment.

Does the chip tuning of the car take a long time?

There are several methods that can be used for chip tuning and each method has its own duration. The work often takes a maximum of 2.5 hours. You can leave the car with us and go shopping or take a walk in the area. Of course you can also stay at our location. You can see for yourself how your car is chip tuneed by our professional or you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea. Our location is equipped with WiFi.

What else do you need to know before or about chip tuning?

It is very important to properly maintain your vehicle. It needs regular maintenance. This does not change when the car is chip tuneed. Choose to use high-quality motor oil, preferably fully synthetic, and check the oil regularly. Engine oil cools the turbo, which rotates per minute with no less than 150,000 revolutions. To keep the turbo in excellent condition, it is very important to take good care of the correct engine oil and a good oil level. In addition, we recommend that you warm up the car after chip tuning, so that the oil reaches operating temperature. When you drive on the highway, the oil is on average after about ten minutes at operating temperature.

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