Powerful Pop and Bang services to take your driving experience to a whole new level!

What is Pop and Bang?

With Pop and Bang, the turbo continues to operate – even when the accelerator pedal is not pressed. This has a major advantage: the reaction time of the turbo is considerably shorter. So when you, after holding back for a while, accelerate again, you immediately have a lot of power available. This partly prevents the infamous turbo lag that most engines suffer from.

How do we do it?

The supply of fuel does not stop immediately when your foot goes off the accelerator. In addition, the technology slows down the ignition time. Result: the fuel explodes in the exhaust. That’s why you hear Pop and… Bang! This happens while driving, but it can also often be heard when you are standing still.

Curious how it sounds?

The sound of Pop en Bang is, what do you want with a name like that, very impressive. Just look (and listen) to these examples:
ChiptuneRs Video
ChiptuneRs Video

Frequently Asked Questions

So your car is not equipped with a sports exhaust… Great! We offer this product in two versions. Version 1: Pop and Bang Soft– This is a moderate variant and safe for all standard parts and exhausts. Version 2: Pop and Bang Extreme – This Pop & Bang is a bit louder and specially developed for sports exhausts.
Are you coming home late at night and you don’t want to wake the neighbors? No problem. In many cases we can program the Pops and Bangs under your sport button. In the normal position, the function is then completely switched off. Another option is to only activate the pops and bangs above 4500 rpm so that you don’t hear them during normal driving. Version 3: Pop and Bang above XXXX RPM
No turbo? No problem! This product is suitable for all types of petrol engines. You can then enjoy the Pop & Bang sound. Shortening the turbo lag is of course not applicable.

You may well have heard of this technology before. Other common names include Crackle, Burble on overrun.

Team ChiptuneRS is a collaboration between experts in the field of hardware and software, a rare combination in the automotive industry.

What our customers say about us

These men are very professional. My BMW M5 has been adjusted on the test bench. It runs really great after tuning.

- Hans de Leeuw


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