Bapro Test Bench

De Bapro 4wd – BPA-4R HP
Dyno test bench from ChiptuneRS

The 4x4 Dyno test bench from ChiptuneRS

ChiptuneRS can well imagine that it is nice for you to have the results of your car in black on white after tuning. We can realize this for you. We have a 4×4 Dyno test bench for this.
This allows vehicle powers of up to 4900 Nm of torque to be braked and 1340 hp to be accurately measured, after which we can share the confirmed results with you. The 4×4 Dyno test bench is perfect for measuring the power of modern cars and always provides a reliable result.

How do we work with the Dyno test bench?

We are happy to show you to what extent the power of your vehicle has improved after we have adjusted it through chip tuning. This is of course only possible if we also put your car on the dynamometer prior to tuning. We determine the Nm and Pk at that point by means of an analysis. We then develop the software based on this analysis and read it back into the vehicle. We then place your vehicle on the dynamometer for the second time to determine the new power. We offer you a report of this, so that you actually have a document that shows the current capital and that proves the difference with the previous capital.
Team ChiptuneRS is a collaboration between experts in the field of hardware and software, a rare combination in the automotive industry.

The Bapro dynamometer from ChiptuneRS

ChiptuneRS uses the Bapro 4wd – BPA-4R HP dynamometer. We are happy to tell you more about this.

The Bapro 4wd – BPA-4R HP

The Bapro 4wd – BPA-4R HP is suitable for measuring at any location. We are talking about a complete mobile dynamometer that can be easily moved.
This power test bench is able to measure statically up to 275Kw and dynamically measure up to 505Kw. The maximum speed that is maintained is 360 kilometers per hour. The Bapro 4wd – BPA-4R HP has an innovative frame and is an advanced solution in a maintenance-friendly model
The Bapro 4wd – BPA-4R HP dynamometer has been specially developed for professional use and is therefore suitable for testing almost all makes and models of cars. The dynamometer is very comprehensive, advanced and robust.
This test bench works with a principle that we know as ‘rolling road’. The roller sets at the front and rear are synchronized by means of a driveline. This makes it possible to also test vehicles with ASR, ESP and ABS. This test bench shows an adjustable wheelbase from 2 to 3.5 meters. A maximum power of 485Kw is used for continuous measurements and a maximum of 1,000Kw applies for short periods.
Always the proof of the results in your hands
By subjecting your vehicle to a test before and after tuning, we can always provide you with proof of the power gained. This way you always have clarity and you know exactly what we have achieved through chip tuning.
The best or nothing
All adjustments are made on the test bench. At CHIPTUNERS we offer the highest quality achievable in the automotive tuning industry.
safe and reliable
We treat every car as if it were our own. With all adjustments we take into account the margin of safety for your parts.
Honest advice
We love people and want to do business honestly. We will give all our customers honest advice and are always open to help.
Would you like to have your car measured and tuned to the test bench?
Are you interested in buying a dyno test bench for your workshop?


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