Additional Warranty
In addition to its own guarantees, ChiptuneRS also offers supplementary insurance, with a European mobility guarantee, which is placed with Multipart Guarantees. Check out this page and the Multipart Warranty website for more information.
An insurance policy can be taken out from € 180,-.
View the options and conditions in the tables below:
Multipart insurance for tuning
The Multipart insurance for tuning is available in different terms and in different power classes. Below you will find an overview of the different warranty options:
Duration Months Up to 90 HP Up to 125 HP Up to 200 HP From 200 HP
12 €180 €210 €265 €350
24 €320 €375 €485 €625
36 * €435 €520 €690 €880
48 * €540 €635 €860 €1110
60 * €640 €750 €1030 €1335
The guarantees apply to all vehicles, with the exception of taxis, rental cars and other vehicles for the business transport of products (forwarding, parcel, courier and express services and emergency services) up to 3.5 tons of gross weight without age limit, but with a maximum mileage of up to 150,000 KM.
A warranty with a term of 24 months is only possible if the vehicle is not older than 8 years and has run a maximum of 80,000 KM.
* A warranty for more than 24 months is only possible for new vehicles (up to 3 months old). The warranty ends at 150,000 KM.
Advantages of chip tuning
A ChiptuneRS is a high-quality and durable product that has been developed by the engine management software specialists of ChiptuneRS. Custom modified software gives you the following benefits:
Better driving performance thanks to
Extra power and torque
More oomph, flexibility and driving comfort
Fuel savings up to more than 5%!
Emissions standards are maintained
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