Alfa Romeo MiTo (09/2008  2016) 1.6  Jtdm diesel

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Tune your own Alfa Romeo MiTo

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OBD2 Flasher + Tuning Files19000 ₹Stage 1 / Stage 2 / Vmax Off / Catalyst Off / Pop and Bang & more...

Engine Name: 1.6 Jtdm

Engine HP: 120

Engine KW: 89

Engine NM: 320

Type Of Fuel: diesel

Cylinder content: 1598 CC

Bore x Stroke: 79,5 X 80,5 mm

Compression ratio: 16.50 : 1

Engine Code: 955A3000

ECU Type: Bosch EDC16C39


The Personal flasher is a best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution for your car. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. It's the last engine management solution you'll ever need. The Personal flasher is specifically designed for end user customers, private car owners.

What ECU upgrades?

What calibrations can we produce for many vehicles?

- Stage 1

- Stage 2

- Stage 3

- Pop and Bang

- Pop and Bang only in sportmode

- Map Switching

- Catalyst off

- Cold start off

- Speedlimiter on/off

- Special requests


- Personal Flasher with 4.3 touchscreen

- 256 MB memory which can contains up to 5 modified files.

- Alfa Romeo MiTo OBD protocol

- OBD2 cable

- Membership

Why buy from us:

*With the personal flasher from you will be able to order tuning files directly at the source. This personal flasher is specifically designed for private car owners. Outside of this personal flasher we never sell any tuning to end users directly. This gives you an unique opportunity to buy directly from the tuning development source as a private car owner.

*order directly high quality tuning files from tuning file developer for wholesale prices. Tuning files prices start at 60 euro. For more information look here

*Tuning files will be custom made for your vehicle. Fine tuning afterwards for your specific request is possible.

*You will have direct support from one of our engineers during workinghours

*You can flash the tuning yourself there is no need to go to a local tuner

*Direct connection to the vehicle via the OBD port.

*Store up to 5 different files into your personal flasher which you can flash into your car any time you want.

*many different tuning options are available. stage1,2,3,crackles,speedlimit, finetuning, even special requests for instance

*when new vehicle is bought then the tool can be linked to the new vehicle if a protocol is developed for the specific vehicle. (only 1 vehicle at the time can be linked)

* our pricing is very competitive since middleman, local tuner is cut out.

*Original File of the ECU always available!

You will be able to return the ECU to factory settings at any time

*Quick and easy configuration

Standard connection through USB port to the PC to configure the tools.

Improvements Graphs

Use our OBD2 Flasher Tool to easly tune your Alfa Romeo MiTo!

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